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The philosophy of St. John's Children's Center is based on the following beliefs:

  • Each child is a unique and a special creation of God, worthy of unconditional love and respect.

  • Having a successful early childhood (the first 6 years of life) is critical for healthy physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual development in later life.

  • Children grow and mature according to predictable stages of development as well as individual time tables. Our programs strive to meet the needs of individual children as well as the needs of the group.

  • Good early childhood practices are based on knowledge of child development theory and research. St. John’s Children’s Center staff, as early childhood professionals, stays informed of new findings and implements them in the programs at St. John's Children's Center

  • Children need a safe, healthy, and nurturing environment in order to grow up as healthy, successful adults. We promote peace and non-violence between children and adults.

  • Young children learn best through play and a variety of experiences which are concrete and meaningful to them.

  • Christian values are a critical part of our daily interactions with others.

  • Families are a vital part of our program. Your participation and communication are encouraged and welcomed.

  • Positive communication among and between staff members, families, administrators, and members of the Board of Directors is vital to the success of our programs.

  • Programs at St. John's Children's Center are inclusive and respectful of all genders, races, cultures, and while promoting the Reformed Tradition of the Christian Church. St. John's Children's Center will be respectful of all other religions.

  • Early Childhood Education is recognized as a profession and a vocation. St. John's Children's Center strives to be an example of quality Early Childhood Education for our community.

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