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Class Sizes

  • Research has shown that small class sizes and lower teacher-to-child ratios increase the quality of care and education children receive. Every effort is made to maintain optimum class sizes and ratios in programs at the Children's Center. However, adjustments in classes are sometimes needed to meet the needs of children and staff in our programs.

  • Typical classes have the following configurations:                                

Program                     Class Size        Teacher To Child Ratio

Infant 8 wks.-12 mo.       4 Children          1:4 Ratio

Toddler 12 - 24 mo.        10 Children         1:6 Ratio

Toddler 2 - 3 years        16 Children         1:9 Ratio

3 Year Old Preschool     18 Children         1:12 Ratio

4 Year Old Preschool     12 Children         1:13 Ratio

Kindergarten                15 Children         1:15 Ratio

Elementary Programs    14 Children          1:14 Ratio

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